Living Room Decoration

Living room finishing – without exaggeration, the most important stage in the development of apartment design. This room is the face of the whole house, so you need to make every effort to make it look like a supermodel on the catwalk. In the development of the project it is necessary to do without professional help.

Trendy trends in the living room decoration

Making repairs in the living room, I want not only to refresh the room, but also make it more stylish and modern. The key role in this is played by a correctly selected finish. How to choose a competent finishing for the living room, which will look relevant and serve for a long time?

Natural materials

Mega is popular in 2019 for the decoration of the living room with natural materials. Stone, wood, precious metals – the most stylish option, but you need to competently combine materials. Despite the fact that the fashion from minimalism flows smoothly into maximalism, there is always a risk of overloading the space, making it unsuitable for life.

The good idea for the big drawing room will be the fireplace finished with a stone. It will give to premise nobility and dearness. Also it is possible to supplement a drawing room with pair of stone vases or to decorate with the given material one of walls: such furnish will look brightly and harmoniously.

The wood in the interior of the living room always looks stylish. It can become an accent (for example, if you make an unusual relief wall) or the basis for further decoration of the space.

If you use it in combination with dark shades, you can create a strict, masculine design (for example, in the style of a loft), and natural tones and many plants (vases, decorative trees) will help to create a light and fresh living room in the eco style.

Metals, in particular copper and brass, will be appropriate to use both in a large and small living room, the main thing – not to overdo it. Choose a creative chandelier or several lamps. If you decorate a room in one of the classic styles, you can use large metal mirrors, watches and statuettes.

The right ceiling

The most relevant in 2019 are flat white ceilings. This is a universal variant that will emphasize any interior, regardless of style and color. Eclecticism is also on the wave of popularity. You can combine modern design and ceiling with stucco.

We also advise you to pay attention to different variations of wooden ceilings. Wooden panels look as stylish as possible. Thanks to them, the finish of the living room will be environmentally friendly, durable and easy to install.

The idea. It is not necessary to use only wood, a white ceiling with wooden niches looks much more interesting. They can be installed in certain areas of the room, for example, in the resting or eating area.

Smooth lines

The trendy interior design should not be too “sharp”, so try to avoid clear geometric shapes. If possible, everything should be “bent” and “smoothed”. This approach is relevant for the futuristic direction, which for many years has been setting the direction for most trends.

If earlier it was considered correct to use a little furniture in a small room and a lot in a big one, now you can afford to change the rules. Certainly, it is necessary to do all very accurately that instead of an unusual interior not to receive excessively piled up and difficult for household needs a drawing room.

Are there any doubts? Then it is better to trust the professional designer. His experienced eye will quickly assess the situation, and soon you will be able to get a few options for decor to choose from.

To make the living room decoration even more fashionable, add the most popular shade of this year – Living Coral. It contains orange and a drop of pink. In combination with white or beige color you will get a light and stylish interior, suitable for both large and small living room.


Tiles and a variety of seamless coverings are much more interesting and harmonious in the living room than the usual laminate flooring. The coating can be both neutral and saturated, depending on the overall design concept.

Popular in 2019 is the decoration of the living room in the Venetian terrazzo. It is a seamless mosaic coating made of natural materials (lime, stone, glass, marble, etc.). If you want to surprise your guests and treat yourself with something more interesting than laminate.

Did you choose a tile? Then take a closer look at the graphite variants, the shade looks especially cool in spacious rooms with a minimalistic design.

It is worth noting. Many people refuse tiles and other similar coverings, as they consider them too cold for the living room. But in today’s world it is not a problem at all. The main thing is to properly insulate the floor, and then the finish of the living room can include any materials.

Big windows and a lot of artificial light

Lighting plays a key role in space decoration. It is especially important to pay due attention to this issue to owners of small apartments, because with the help of lighting it is possible to visually increase the space, as well as make it easier and more interesting.

With the help of professional lighting design, the finish of the living room will look really spectacular. Use several light sources at once: chandelier, sconces (especially relevant in the classical style), spotlights.

If you plan to combine the living room with the kitchen, the type of light fixture should change depending on the area it illuminates. For example, the cooking zone will be appropriate to light spotlights, the table – a creative chandelier, and in the recreation area to use a few sconces.

Large windows will also play into your hands. One of the modern trends are huge windows, almost from floor to ceiling. Combine them with pastel shades of curtains and light tulles to get the most light and stylish room.

Create a modern, and thus the most comfortable design is real, but it is necessary to consider not only fashionable tendencies, but also your internal vision of the result.

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