Modern bathroom interior design

The modern interior design of the bathroom implies comfort, pleasant colors and creative elements. And if you’re thinking about creating the perfect bathroom, you’ll probably need our help.

Spectacular modern bathroom ideas:

Original plumbing

Manufacturers of sanitary ware and faucets produce a lot of new products every year, improving not only the appearance, but also the functionality. Now the trend is for colored sanitary ware and faucets.

The most popular are matte black washbasins, toilets, shower racks, towel rails. However, there are many other colors in the collections. This kind of plumbing immediately makes the bathroom interior interesting, I want to consider it, it is pleasantly located.

Thanks to only one or two creative products, the modern interior design of the bathroom will play with new colors. It only remains to be supplemented with a minimalistic decor of light tones and it is ready! Take a closer look at sanitary ware with smooth shapes, made in futuristic style.

Trend styles

A great design idea will be a bathroom stylized as a spa. Traditionally, they combine eco and Scandinavian style, and if these directions are close to you, you will definitely like this interior. Use a lot of wood, warm shades.

Minimalism and loft are also welcome. These stylish solutions look especially good in men’s interiors, but if desired they can be fit into the “cozy nest” of the young family.

For those who prefer luxury and chic, paying attention to the art deco style. It is better to make the walls glossy, for example, it can be light tiles with ethnic symbols of zigzag shape. Mosaic and marble will also complement the similar interior. Use more natural materials – silver, copper, rare woods, and do not forget about the mirror in a massive frame.

Dark and warm shades in the bathroom design

Graphite shade will make the modern interior design of the bathroom more interesting and deep. Also, do not miss the warm range of shades: beige, orange, brown, yellow. Live Coral, which is orange with an admixture of pink, is especially popular.

Do not forget about the classics. White color in the interior of any room, including the bathroom, will always look appropriate. Therefore, if you do not want to use supermodern shades, this option will be a good alternative.

It is worth considering. In modern interiors it is better not to use excessively bright colors for finishing walls and ceilings. But if there is a great desire to add bright colors, let it be colorful accessories – towels, foot mats, colored lights for shelves, etc.

Stylish partitions or transparent showers

The showers are no longer “cabins” anymore. You can simply install a glass partition wall and drain without limiting the space on the 4 sides. This solution will not only add modernity to the interior, but will also slightly increase and facilitate the space of the bathroom.

Tree and marble

Both materials are now at the peak of popularity, and if you combine them together, you get a trendy and very beautiful modern design of the bathroom interior. Marble tiles can be used for wall cladding, adding wood furniture. This combination is suitable for both small and large premises, the main thing is to skillfully combine two materials.

With the help of wood or ceramic tiles for wood, as well as marble tiles you can zonate the space. Finish one half of the bathroom (not only the walls but also the floor) with marble and the other half with wood. And if in addition to this you use a minimum of furniture and stylish, but concise plumbing, you can get a modern interior in the style of minimalism.

Tricks from designers

In order for the repair to go perfectly, you need to follow these simple tips:

  • Pay sufficient attention to the lighting. Even if the room is illuminated by a window, it would be useful to add lighting to the shelves, spotlights and even a wall light, in addition to the main light source, if that means style;
  • Remember, a modern bathroom interior design should not only be trendy and beautiful, but also functional, so it is important to think through all the ergonomic aspects to the last detail;
  • For small rooms, choose a glossy tile, it will visually expand the space;
  • Do not save on materials. If there is no possibility to enclose well in repair it is better and at all to postpone it, after all cheap materials will never look so stylishly, as their dear brothers. In addition, they can not be called durable;
  • Think in advance of the presence of several built-in lockers for storing household items;
  • Highlight the laundry area. We advise you to choose the built-in option, which will “hide” in the closet. As in small apartments there is no possibility to equip a laundry room, and in a bathroom the washing machine often looks not too harmoniously, it is an optimum variant;
  • Provide a pet sink. If a dog or a cat lives in the house, it is not superfluous to equip him with a corner in the bathroom, where you can wash his feet after walks;
  • Install a large mirror and add several mirror surfaces to it. Such trickery will help to visually increase the space of a small bath.

A truly stylish and comfortable modern bathroom interior design can only be created by an experienced designer. The general knowledge that can be learned online cannot be compared with creativity and years of experience.

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