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Do you like to watch the flames? Did you dream of spending your evenings wrapped in a soft blanket in front of the fireplace? Do you think that’s impossible in a modern city apartment? If so, then you are mistaken… you can install an environmentally friendly and safe biofireplace. It will easily fit into any modern interior of an apartment, house or country house.

Does not require a permit, separate repair and, most importantly, the construction of a chimney. It is possible to install it in an apartment of a usual panel house: in the living room, bedroom, balcony or terrace. Depending on the decor, it can decorate the room not only in the classic style, but also in the style of minimalism or hightech.

Biokamine is a fairly simple technical device that does not require complicated installation work. It supports burning of live fire, but it does not emit ashes and smoke, does not generate ashes. It does not need a hood, so it does not need to build a chimney. The flame burns due to pure organic biofuel, so it can be installed in any part of the room, in the corner, in a wall niche, on a shelf or imitate a classic fireplace.


  • Easy installation, not requiring complex construction work.
  • No need to obtain permits from housing authorities.
  • Environmental safety – no harmful components are emitted in the process of burning.
  • Unlimited installation and design methods.
  • Aromatization of the room when pouring essential oil into a special compartment.

Biokamine is not a source of heat, it is a decorative object in the interior of the house, performing aesthetic and psychological functions. It creates a romantic mood, increases the level of comfort. The fuel used is eco-friendly alcohol – bioethanol, which does not release harmful substances in the process of burning.

One of the main advantages of the biofireplace is the possibility of installation in any room, as well as in any place of the room or open space. This freedom gives boundless opportunities for decorative design with the use of various materials: stone, glass, metal, etc.


Decorative biofireplaces can be divided according to the type of installation: floor, wall and suspended models. Thanks to the fact that the design is not only mobile, but also has a low weight, you can “hang in the air” your live fire!

Floor and wall mounted models can be integrated (e.g. in a specially equipped niche) or attached as a ready-made design solution. Built-in units require a separate design, which can be purchased as an option.

A customised pedestal can be ordered. Supporters of minimalism often do without additional design, and for safety reasons can choose a glass cube that prevents foreign objects from entering the fire. This variant of design is ideal for rooms in the style of art Nouveau, high-tech or loft.

Separate the biofireplaces, namely, their entire design can also be shaped:

  • Triangular models. A rather interesting solution that allows you to use the fireplace as a coffee table. It can also be installed not only in the center of the room, but also in the corner if the room is small.
  • Double-sided rectangular biofireplaces. These models are suitable for space zoning. They can divide the kitchen and dining room or divide the living room into two parts.
  • Round and oval models. The most unusual designs, suitable for all modern interiors. Ideal for an open plan house.
  • Classic design. In this case, the device looks like a classic wood or gas fireplace. For even greater imitation, it can be decorated with elements such as a bilberry of firewood, a fireplace poker and a clock on the top of the shelf.
  • Mini-biofires. Along with standard models, miniature ecofireplaces are produced. They can be integrated into a coffee table, bar counter or simply decorate a table for a romantic dinner.


  • Hi-tech. Cold and somewhat cosmic interior can be added with a biocamine. The materials used in its decoration are quite consistent with this direction of design. The best solution will be standalone models made of glass or metal. Such designs look quite elegant and can be mounted so as to create an illusion of flight.
  • Minimalism. If the interior of the house is made in this style, you can give preference to simple models without patterns. A pedestal can be a porcelain stoneware imitating wood, marble or metal painted in a contrasting color.
  • Loft. As the loft assumes presence of the big space it is possible to use the biggest designs of biofireplaces. The material will also be stone and metal. Shape should be chosen in the form of a rectangle or a square.
  • Classic design. Biokamine for the interior in the classic style can be one of the most luxurious, decorated with prints, mosaics, gilding … It is worth to give preference to built-in models or construction, installed near the wall and imitating the usual wood fireplace. For zoning, you can use two-sided models with a false chimney at the top.
  • Biokamines in modern interiors. As varied as the modern trends in interior design, so can be different and design of biofireplaces. As a rule, they are made to order on an individual project, so you can choose the size and shape of the future fireplace yourself or with the help of a designer.
  • Biokamine can become the main interior accent, complementing the surrounding space with its unusual appearance.


When decorating biofireplaces use a variety of materials:

  • a rock;
  • glass;
  • marble;
  • metal;
  • Ceramic granite and many other things.

As for the color scheme, it always uses a contrasting color or a few shades, against which the fire looks most advantageous. Unusual color combinations and prints will make the biofireplace more spectacular. It can complement the overall design of the room, or it can be a bright accent in the room, made in muted colors.

An excellent solution would be to complement the biocamine with other decors, such as shells, stones or glass elements. Another way to make ecofireplaces more visible is to choose an original screen for them. In addition to providing security, it will attract attention even when the fireplace is not working.

Structures of a biocamina built into a glass table look unusual. Portable options look great not only in the home interior, but also in the garden, become a highlight of the reception area of the office space or cafe room.

Designer fireplaces are not tied to a certain place, they can have a variety of shapes, which makes it possible to play with flames in any abstraction. What can be more beautiful than the lack of rules and restrictions!

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