Decorative partitions and wall panels in Minimalism

It is believed that a modern interior in the style of minimalism implies the presence of a large space. This statement is true, but practice also shows that it is possible to realize magnificent design projects on small squares.

Minimalism is practically the only way to get rid of the crowding of typical city apartments. Materials can be very diverse, but often prefer natural: stone, wood or their imitation. Interior design in this style will remain relevant for a long time and will not require large financial expenses.


Modern minimalist style is characterized by the following features:

  • Clear geometric shapes;
  • Good illumination of the premises;
  • Natural materials;
  • discreet colour palette;
  • maximum free space;
  • Functional furniture.

To expand the space, the living room, kitchen and dining room are often combined into one room, removing the interior walls. Sliding wooden partitions, screens and blinds are used for zoning. The living room is often separated from the kitchen by a bar counter.

There can be different levels of floor, most often lift the working area of the kitchen. Sometimes it is done for decorative purposes, and sometimes in order to hide the water supply and other communications resulting from the redesign of the room.

Furniture in the style of minimalism also has its own distinctive features. First, from subjects in an interior there is only necessary. Secondly, there are no open shelves and shelves, which eliminates the feeling of disorder, but allows you to keep things clean.

The furniture is usually low, without the slightest hint of decor, and mirrors without frames. The rug is not necessary, but it is often used in the living area near the sofa and in the bedroom next to the bed.


The skilful division of the room into zones with functional decorative partitions allows for the harmonious distribution of interior items. The apartment is visually perceived as more spacious and comfortable for living.

There are several types of wooden partitions:

  • Roller screens are mobile devices that allow you to zone the space as needed.
  • Racks – look spectacular when distinguishing between kitchen and living room. Practical, but create a risk of “littering”, so do not place a large number of things there. It is quite enough a few statuettes, fresh flowers and a couple of books.
  • A stepped partition is a kind of shelf that imitates an arch. Its built-in drawers will help to hide any household items from the eyes.
  • Decorative partition with an aquarium is another way to separate the dining room from the kitchen, decorating the room.
  • The partition with the fireplace is a decor that creates a special romantic atmosphere. When installing a double-sided fireplace allows you to admire the open fire from the living room and dining room.

Similar partitions made of wood and other materials can be installed in the bedroom. They will divide the room into a lounge area and a workspace, provide space for sleep and a mini living room. The latter option is relevant in the bedroom of a teenager, to whom friends come.


  • The floor is minimalist.

Modern interior in the style of minimalism is characterized by restrained asceticism in the design of the floor. Laminate, parquet flooring, porcelain tiles or carpeting will be the best option. Regardless of the material, the colors will be neutral, without prints and ornaments. Matt and glossy surface is acceptable, carpets are better to choose with long pile. The main task of the floor is to emphasize the furniture and wall decoration.

  • Minimalist walls

Particular attention should be paid to the finishing of the walls. Since minimalism is sparing on decor, you can play with color combinations. This can be monochrome painting with contrasting tones for each side or area of the room or the use of bright decorative accents in the form of wooden wall panels, which will occupy the central wall. Wood panels will add a minimalist interior of respectability and elegant luxury.

Valuable woods such as alder, oak and cedar are used in the production of the panels. They are covered with protective wax to prevent moisture ingress and deformation. This allows them to be installed in areas with high humidity, such as the kitchen or on the terrace.

  • Minimalist ceiling style

The minimalist interior design eliminates the presence of bulky multi-level ceilings – no bas-reliefs, borders and stucco. The surface has a smooth texture of light shades. The stretch ceilings can cope with this task well. Painting, plastic and wooden ceiling panels are also used.

Elegantly on the ceiling in the interior style of minimalism looks plywood. With the help of lacquer coatings it is possible to create an even glossy surface, showing the natural wood pattern. Special moisture-resistant impregnations allow you to decorate the ceiling in wet rooms with wood.


The main emphasis of minimalism is on natural materials, but they do not exclude the possibility of combining with artificial elements made of plastic, glass or steel. For the combination to be harmonious, the concept of surface interaction must be clearly thought out: matt with gloss, steel with glass, wooden panels with plastic.


To soften asceticism it is possible to decorate windows with light translucent tulle and organza curtains. Sofa cushions and rollers can be used, but make sure that they match the overall colour scheme and are not embroidered. Be especially careful with kitchen textiles. Numerous towels, mittens and tablecloths can ruin the entire appearance.


Even a minimalist design needs a decor, but it should be the same as the rest of the interior – monochrome, without fancy elements. These can be futuristic candlesticks, vases of original shape, stylish organizers and boxes.

To make the interior stylish, beautiful and cozy, use different texture materials in one color spectrum in the decoration of walls and floors, furniture and textiles.

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