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The interior of the living room pleases with a variety of shapes, styles and design elements. Its creation is a complex and individual task. And so it would be desirable that at a sight of a refined drawing room at friends the heart from delight stopped! After all, this is where they spend most of their time, and the interior design is an opinion on the taste and personality of the owner.

Therefore, Gite Arzano conclude that the interior of a drawing room should not only correspond to its functions, but also promote pleasant pastime. Besides, at one sight at a premise of a drawing room your best friend should tell: “Yes, it is your style! No wonder this phrase is the highest praise for the designer’s work. A point of focus will help to convey your own style of living room interior.

Learn how to use it to transform the design of your living room and give it a new originality:

Colour in the living room interior: shade selection

Begin to create a living room design by defining the colour scheme. Use bright colours to fill the space with energy and freshness. Neutral, subdued tones help create a calm and relaxed environment.

You can brighten up your living room interior with an accent of a different colour. But here it is necessary to watch that it did not get out of the general palette. Experiment with contrasting colors and you will see how your interior will be transformed and become more expressive.

Windows for spectacular living room design

Large windows in the interior of the living room look luxurious. Decorate them with thick curtains and large, eye-catching patterns. To give the room its own personality, use designer wooden frames or give preference to high-tech styles, depending on the interior style.

Architectural elements in the interior

Architectural elements such as arches, fireplaces and stucco can be used as defining details. To enhance the effect, accentuate their style and charm. For example, a fireplace can be a highlight of a room’s design, filling it with coziness. And collector’s vases, a variety of antique elements, fantastic finishing walls will attract additional attention to them. This design disposes to rest and creates a soothing atmosphere.

Emphasis on furniture for a vibrant design

The characteristic furniture is also an excellent focal point. The accent must be large or original. Thus, the original sofa and several armchairs will form a comfortable area for communication, in which guests feel at home.

Living room interior with character

The interior of the living room can tell about the hobbies of its owner. So think about what facet of your personality you want to reveal and what impression you want to make. Perhaps you are a wind-tempered traveler who collects symbols of his conquests – souvenirs from distant exotic countries? Or a businessman who appreciates time, convenience and simplicity? The choice is yours.

And the variety in a drawing room interior decor will bring bright decorative pillows, pictures on walls, the photos collected in a beautiful collage. The atmosphere of home warmth and comfort can be emphasized by adding candle design and fresh flowers.

Emphasis wall for expression

Interesting design of the wall will give the living room a boost and set a new tone for the entire room. The accent can be wallpaper with bright print, contrasting color, textured plaster, 3D panels, wooden beams or mosaics. The main thing is for the wall to acquire the texture opposite to the rest of the room. Around the accent wall and will be built the rest of the atmosphere. Such an interior of the living room is notable for its efficiency and comfort.

Intelligent lighting design

Competent LED design will make the interior of the living room even more cozy and effective. Therefore, take care of the good lighting and make sure that it was enough in all parts of the room.

It is important that the lighting is appropriate for each area of the living room. Use floor lamps and desk lamps to create a pleasant environment for reading and relaxation. Spotlights can help to provide comfort and artificial light to the entire room, and a spectacular chandelier can provide luxury and comfort.

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